All-Meat Restaurant Continues To Make A Killing

by staff on May 26, 2010

RAMONA — Nestled between Gravel City and Jim’s Fertilizer in Ramona’s trendy Uptown District, Raul’s BBQ isn’t your average hole-in-the-wall rib joint. The restaurant has mastered a unique presentation concept that continues to attract visitors from all over the country.

When Raul’s opened in 2006, it was instantly deemed the official restaurant of vegetable rights activists — those who refuse to eat vegetables for personal or religious reasons.

All of the entrees on the menu are cleverly named after vegetables, but patrons can rest assure that every dish is made from 100% meat ingredients.

The slim jim stem on the 'carrot' is an example of the attention to detail that goes into every dish.

“Our most popular dish is the ‘carrot,’ which is actually made of top grade sirloin steak. We use orange food coloring and artificial carrot flavoring to simulate the look and taste of a real carrot,” said Raul Delvechi, owner of Raul’s BBQ.

Many customers of Raul’s have gone their entire life without eating vegetables. Customers like 26-year-old Clyde McDowell, who sat down last Thursday to enjoy a ‘broccoli’ dish, which is really pork loin and lamb foot.

“I know that I’m not actually eating broccoli, but the look and taste is so convincing that I still feel a bit guilty,” said McDowell.

McDowell has been a long time member of the organization People for the Equal Rights of Vegetables, more commonly known as PERV. Members of PERV believe that pulling vegetables out of their natural habitat, the ground, is an inhumane and barbaric practice.

“I began solely eating meat after watching a food documentary that actually showed the gruesome process of uprooting a potato,” said McDowell. The image of its roots dangling, covered in dirt still haunts my mind.”

“If vegetables could talk, we’d all be eating meat,” added McDowell. “Plus, with all the spinach and tomato salmonella outbreaks being reported in the news these days, it just goes to show you that vegetables are being abused on farms to the point where they’re unhealthy.”

Some criticize the aggressive tactics that vegetable rights activists use to draw attention their cause. A recent story which made headlines on the national news circuit shows a group PERV members chanting the phrases “lettuce end the suffering” and “beets is murder” at an Ohio vegetable harvest. One radical member actually doused a tomato farmer with a can of V8 juice before being arrested by police.

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