Laid Off Game Tester Says He’d Go Back To Work For Free

by staff on June 2, 2009


Matt Walker doing what he does best

POWAY — It’s been six weeks since 27-year-old Matt Walker was laid off from his job working as a video game tester for Sony, and after five years of devoting his life to the company, he’s somehow managing to cope with being unemployed.

“I pretty much do the same thing at home as I did at work all day,” said Walker.  “When I first interviewed to be a game tester, I thought it was a volunteer position. I was stoked when they told me I’d get a salary.”

Since being laid off Walker has been playing games at home from 9am-11pm, and reminisces about his working days when he would play games in his cubicle from 9am-5pm, then come home and play more games from 5:30pm-11pm.

“I’m actually pretty bummed that I didn’t get to finish playing the first-person shooter I was testing,” said Walker.  “Being able to play a PS3 at work was a great perk of my job,” he added.  “I couldn’t afford to buy one with a game tester’s salary, which is why I mostly play my NES all day.”

Being stuck at home with old, pre-2000 game consoles was enough to motivate Walker to write a letter to Sony, explaining that he’s willing to return to his old position without compensation.

“Plus, my mom is starting to nag,” said Walker.  “I hope they take me back because I really need to get out of the house.”

Matt's experience

Matt's experience

While Walker waits for a response from Sony, he says he’ll continue to beef up the experience section of his resume by playing games in his room.

“I don’t like the term ‘unemployed,’ which is why I’m temporarily calling myself a non-profit-self-employed game tester,” said Walker.

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Somebody June 3, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Hey, I have a similar story.

At work, I stare at the cubical wall and ponder nothing. From time to time I go in to warm up the company toilets and take free items.

At home, I stare at the walls of my living room, which is only slightly larger than my cubical, and ponder nothing. From time to time I go in to warm the toilet. This is only slightly less attractive because there are no free items to take from my bathroom, and the toilet paper comes at a cost.

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