Local Hooters Restaurants Try To Stay Abreast Of Competition

by staff on January 1, 2009

DOWNTOWN — In an attempt to lift sagging profits, San Diego Hooters restaurants are augmenting their business strategy with new fuller, more supple menus. Hooters’ new enhanced menu will be popping out in January. Hooters hopes the menu will raise the flaccid interests of their once excited customer base.

Tony Valedi, manager of the Vista Hooters, is worried that the company may have to start closing restaurants if business does not improve.

“We really don’t want to see Hooters contract during the recession. We’d hate to have to close restaurants and see Hooters’ business flatten out.  We’re confident that we can make it through these humps,” said Valedi.

If there’s one silver lining, it’s that business usually picks up during the Winter season.

“When it gets cold, we usually see Hooters perk up”, added Valedi.

Below is the current stock chart of Hooters Inc. Stock chartists that are familiar with the cup and handle pattern may recognize the double D-cups and handle pattern that Hooters stock (symbol HOOT) is currently exhibiting.

Adam Fitzgerald, a Goldman Sachs Analyst, recommends that you buy and hold Hooters.

“Hooters’ stock is most enticing when it bounces up and down like this. Hooters has been around for about 25 years, and we feel that the company has about 5 good years left before it’s no longer an attractive investment. We advise our clients to dump Hooters stock when the company hits 30.”


Judar January 13, 2009 at 4:23 pm


nobody October 13, 2010 at 11:40 pm

Dude, that picture of the stock graph that looks like boobs just made my day. You have one funny ass website!

Also, judging by the pictures you use for your articles, you’re all over San Diego! You have a shot of Guitar Center in San Marcos.

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