Local Man Finds Success With Outdoor Tanning Salon Business

by staff on March 19, 2009

Bill Foley poses in front of Salon Del Sol

LA JOLLA — In the midst of the worst economic recession we’ve seen in decades, it’s always uplifting to hear about positive success stories that reinforce the possibility of achieving the American Dream.

One local man, 49-year-old Bill Foley, recently discovered his niche in the business world when he opened Salon Del Sol, the nation’s first outdoor tanning salon.

“I wanted to offer San Diegans a natural, organic alternative to indoor tanning salons,” said Foley.

Foley is considered a modern-day genius by many for pioneering the concept of using the sun as a means of tanning. He claims outdoor tanning will give his clients the same beautiful bronze skin tone as tanning beds without the harmful side effects.  Artificial tanning from indoor tanning beds overexposes people to harmful UV rays which can lead to cancer, make skin age and wrinkle faster, mutate DNA, weaken the immune system, and cause impotence. [source]

Clients can enjoy one hour of outdoor tanning at Salon Del Sol for $30.  They also have a 50% off rainy day special.  The salon is located directly on the sands of La Jolla Shores State Beach.

“We like to pamper our clients by offering a variety of beach towels and scented lotions,” said Foley.

Salon Del Sol also offers additional premium services such as a relaxing bath in a tub of ocean water, seagull watching, and listening to a “Sounds of the Ocean” CD while you tan.

“I’m used to normally spending $20 a week on indoor tanning. Sure Salon Del Sol is a little more expensive, but I’m willing to splurge since the treatment here is organic,” said one client.

In recent weeks, interest in Salon Del Sol has become so great that they’ve actually had to turn people away because there simply wasn’t enough room in the salon for them to lie down.

One couple explained, “We drove all the way from Temecula for a tanning session at Salon Del Sol.  We were turned away so we had to settle for an indoor tanning salon.”

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