New Matchmaking Site Helps Older Single Women Find The Cat Of Their Dreams

by staff on December 2, 2009


DOWNTOWN — Today two local entrepreneurs announced plans to launch a new matchmaking website dedicated to helping single women age 30 and above find the perfect cat.

The site, aptly named, hopes to attract business from lonely women who’ve given up on finding a human mate on dating sites like and co-founder Larry Williamson explained, “ goes above and beyond to ensure that each registered woman will end up with a cat that completes them.”

Subscribers will receive daily email featuring a mate they are compatible with.

Subscribers will receive a daily email featuring a mate they are compatible with.

Williamson went on to say that every cat profiled on the will be rated on 29 dimensions of compatibility by a team of animal psychologists.

“There has to be chemistry between a lonely woman and her cat or the relationship will never work,” said Williamson.

To emphasize his point, Williamson noted that every day hundreds of cats are dropped off at the Escondido Animal Rescue Center by women who claim to have ‘irreconcilable differences’ with their felines.

In California the separation rate between women and their cats recently hit an all-time high of 60%, which is one of the main reasons why Williamson decided to create the website.

Newly single abandoned cat is just happy to be free of drama.

Newly single abandoned cat is just happy to be free of drama.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Williamson.  “The relationship between a woman and her cat is extremely complex and can easily end if either the cat or woman exhibits bad behavior. It’s not effortless like a man-woman relationship,” he added.

Television ads for, which ran last Friday and Saturday night in between reruns of Xena Warrior Princess, are already grabbing the attention of many sad old local women.  For example 31-year-old Linda Collins said she became hopeful that she would find her “soulmate” after seeing the ad.

“All this time I’ve been trying to date guys to find happiness … I now realize I’ve been focusing on the wrong species,” said Collins.

Williamson warns potential subscribers that the site does not have a 100% guarantee because, as he explained, “We want to be realistic.  Some women are so unfit for society that we don’t even think they should be with a cat.  We will refer these select few to our sister-website,”

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David December 11, 2009 at 7:50 pm

Great idea! But what do you have for lonely men. I think a pitbull matchmaking service would do he trick. They would be much tamer and more compatible than 95% of the women out there.

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