Police Arrest Woman For Posing As A Psychic

by staff on March 22, 2009

Police car outside Psychic Sandra's private practice

KENSINGTON — Today police arrested 36-year-old Sandra Hill (otherwise known as Psychic Sandra) after discovering that she has been telling fortunes and giving tarot card readings at her Kensington private practice for 10 years without a psychic’s license.

When police ran a thorough background check on Hill, it was revealed that not only was her name absent from the Psychic Board of California directory, she had never completed psychic schooling of any kind.  Also, she reportedly displayed a fake masters diploma in her office which stated that she graduated from University of San Diego’s psychic studies program.

USD is known for having one of the most competitive, sought-after psychic studies programs in the country.  A mere 40% of students enrolled in the program actually graduate, and only 10% of graduates are able to open up their own private practice.

Professor Lampert giving lecture

Professor Lampert giving lecture

Professor Nathan Lampert, head of USD’s psychic studies program, claims that Hill was never enrolled in the school’s prestigious program.

Lampert explained, “We have no records of her ever being enrolled here. Obtaining a psychic’s license takes years of dedication and training.  You can’t just set up shop overnight, like a chiropractor.”

Amazingly, the majority Psychic Sandra’s clients had no clue that she was a fraud.

“I feel like such a fool for getting my palm read by an impostor who I thought was a genuine psychic,” said one client.

However, the tip that originally made police suspicious came from one of Hill’s clients.


Psychic Sandra in SD County Prison

“She told me that my lucky day was Wednesday, but I got a parking ticket that day,” said client, Jim Gillespie.  “Since Wednesday was not very lucky for me, I decided to notify police to let them know of my misfortune … pun intended,” he added.

This tip was enough to cause SDPD to start the background investigation which eventually led to Hill’s arrest.

Sergeant Pete Bradly explained, “The fact that we caught her is enough proof to convict her in court. A real psychic would’ve known we were coming.”


Sharky April 6, 2009 at 2:04 pm

She told me that my lucky number was 4 and the next day I got robbed by 4 guys, who stabbed me 4 times & took my 4 dollars. Damn, she is good!!!

Tim May 27, 2010 at 8:40 am

A real psyshic is a scam artist that gives the government a cut of the loot. You believers are out of your tiny minds!

Isaac November 14, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Ha ha, you can tell the cop car was photo-shopped in.

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