Tijuana Drug Cartels Now Fighting Over Legal Drugs

by staff on April 2, 2009


TIJUANA, MEXICO — Today the Tijuana drug war took a turn for the worse when it was reported that two major drug cartels are now fighting over controlling the flow of legal, over-the-counter drugs coming into Mexico.

Tijuana Mayor Jose Gonzalez explained, “Ever since violence and chaos erupted in Tijuana, truck drivers have been afraid to make deliveries to our local drug stores.”

Shipments of legal drugs into Tijuana are now so scarce, residents are willing to pay up to five times the U.S. market price to get them.

“Currently, a bottle of Advil will sell for roughly $30 on the Tijuana legal drug black market, which is why cartels are fighting for a share of the legal drug trafficking money,” added Gonzalez.

During a recent raid in South Central Tijuana, police searched an armed cargo truck and found 500 pounds of Extra Strength Benadryl and 300 pounds of Mylanta 12-Hour Fast Acting Liquid Gel Caplets.

Police say the drugs were likely purchased at a Rite Aid in San Ysidro (a small San Diego border town) then hand-carried across the border into Mexico.

Cameras capture San Diego man sneaking legal drugs into Mexico

Cameras capture a San Diego man sneaking legal drugs into Mexico

Tijuana Police Officer Miguel Hernandez explained, “We’ve caught several San Diegans trying to profit by sneaking legal drugs into Tijuana. Things are so bad in the U.S. right now that Americans will try anything for a quick buck, which is why we’re carefully guarding our border.”

Police are currently trying to figure out which drug lords are running the legal drug ring. So far they’ve named two suspects, who happen to both be night managers at the Tijuana Walgreens Store.

“The two most feared legal drug lords in Tijuana right now are Angel Romero and Jesus Diaz,” said Hernandez.

“You don’t want to mess with Angel or Jesus,” he added.

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