Local Man Receives Humanitarian Award For Showing Generosity On Craigslist

by staff on November 1, 2009

Lester Finch accepts Humanitarian Award

Lester Finch accepts Humanitarian Award

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS — Last Friday a 43-year-old University Heights resident named Lester Finch received the prestigious ASC Humanitarian Award for using the popular classifieds website Craigslist to offer shelter to the less fortunate.

Finch is being hailed as a hero by his community, since despite living in a small studio apartment with only one bed, he kindly volunteered to let women live with him for free and in return asked for nothing more than ‘certain special services.’

Feeling so passionate about helping women live rent-free, Finch will often post his ad on the roommates section of Craigslist three times a day.

Finch's ad shows how extremely dedicated he was to his cause

Finch's ad shows how extremely dedicated he was to his cause

Finch’s humanitarian efforts were eventually recognized by the ASC (Active Social Committee), a local committee which honors those who exhibit benevolence in their community.

“We hope that more people will follow in Finch’s footsteps by posting ads on Craigslist offering free shelter,” said ASC President Barbara Rosenberg.

Banquet Ceremony

No expense was spared at Finch's award ceremony

The award was presented to finch in front of 500 people at a banquet dinner at El Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park.  Several notable figures attended the banquet including San Diego Mayor Fred Jacobs.

“Finch is truly a stand-up guy,” said Mayor Jacobs.  “Over the years he’s provided shelter for over 400 San Diego women … we should all be so selfless,” added Jacobs, moments before the award was presented to Finch.

Finch, humbled by the honor, delivered a heartwarming acceptance speech which left many attendees teary eyed.

“It feels really great to be able to help women by providing a home for them,” said Finch.  “Just seeing the look on their faces when I help is all the thanks I need, aside from the ‘certain special services’ that I require four times a week,” he chuckled.

When Finch concluded his speech, the crowd gave him an unprecedented 20-minute standing ovation.

To preserve his legacy, Finch’s picture will be placed in a special wing of the San Diego History Museum dedicated to honoring local heroes.  His image will be hung next to last year’s ASC Humanitarian Award recipient, a local doctor who used his free time to go door to door and offer free mammograms.

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