Mount Soledad Cross To Be Replaced With Smaller, More Efficient, Japanese Cross

by staff on February 7, 2009

Mount Soledad Cross

After years of controversial legal battles, yesterday a La Jolla judge declared once and for all that the Mount Soledad Cross shall be removed, and replaced with a smaller, more efficient, Japanese Cross.

“The Mount Soledad Cross is just too big and too expensive to maintain,” said Judge Frank Weston, moments before making the decision to have the cross replaced.

Over the years San Diego tax payers were forced to shell out millions in maintenance fees and legacy costs to ensure the Mount Soledad Cross was operable.  The bulky American made cross would often break down in severe weather conditions, and its enormous size made repairs extremely difficult.

The new Japanese Cross is less than half the height, and ten times thinner than old cross.

Judge Weston proclaimed, “The new cross can power half of the homes on Mount Soledad using solar technology.  Plus, it has really neat LED lights.”New Japanese made cross, with blue LEDs

After the ruling was made, several San Diegans expressed their opinions to reporters outside the La Jolla Courthouse.

Pacific Beach resident Todd Parker said, “I’m happy with the decision. That old cross was so archaic and it didn’t have any LEDs.”

It seems technology will triumph over tradition in this court case, but not everyone is thrilled with the decision.

“I’m sad to see the old Soledad cross go. You can call me old fashioned, but that new Japanese cross looks like a cheap plastic spaceship,” said La Jolla resident Douglass Whittman.

Though after the interview, Whittman did admit he was impressed with the LEDs on the new model.


Paige March 19, 2009 at 6:44 pm

Pray to the neon lights! I think thats a country song. It should be if it isn’t.

Sarv Shearzar May 27, 2009 at 6:56 pm

JC, a.k.a. “The Light of the World”, the Jedi Master and Samurai whose fighting style is, as Bruce Lee called it, “Fighting without fighting”, approves of the new Japanese solar power station cross. WWJD? He’d insist that every cross monument be an energy source that gives more than it takes. Thank God for the wisdom of Judge Weston.

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