Battle Escalates Between La Jolla Paragliders And Del Mar Balloonists

by staff on January 16, 2009


The La Jolla Paragliders and Del Mar Balloonists are engaged in what seems like an endless fight over the coveted airspace strip just above the Torrey Pines Golf Course.

The paragliders currently control the small flying zone above the golf course, but the balloonists feel they are the rightful owners.

The battle began last week when an angry balloonist aimed a missile in the direction of the Torrey Pines Gliderport.  Even though the missile landed three miles away from the intended target, and managed to only damage three adjacent yogurt shops on La Jolla Village Drive, it was clear the balloonists wanted war.

In response to the attempted missile attack, the paragliders retaliated with a full on air strike, which deflated 400 balloons.  Because the paragliders have far superior weaponry and maneuvering capabilities compared to the balloonists, some San Diego residents feel the war is unfair.map1

“It’s not a fair war.  The balloonists are such easy targets because of their large fragile balloons,” said Del Mar resident Benjamin Connelly.

Others feel that the paragliders are simply defending their airspace so fellow fliers can glide in peace.

“If I was being attacked by a balloon, I would do everything I could to pop it,” said La Jolla resident Patrick Clark.

The Torrey Pines golfers, indifferent to the violence occurring directly above them, continue to play golf as usual.  One golfer stated, “I was on the back 9 about to make a birdie, when a hot air balloon landed right on the green and blocked my ball.  I was so pissed.  It was the first time I didn’t break par on the course.”golfers1

Despite several attempts, San Diego Mayor Tom Bradoff has made no progress in getting either party to agree to a ceasefire.

Bradoff explained, “I’m starting to feel like this issue will never be resolved.  How am I suppose to solve a dispute in which the object being fought over is literally invislible?”

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