Gangs Overtake 4S Ranch, Property Values Plummet

by staff on January 31, 2009

4S Commons

4S RANCH — Last week a flurry of gang-related activity sprung up in San Diego’s once-peaceful 4S Ranch community, leaving residents terrified and perplexed at the recent crime wave.

Jane Chatsworth, a stay-at-home mother of one explained, “4S Ranch has always been a sterile community.  Up until this point we’ve always been able to drive away elements that threaten us…such as young single people, art, culture, and diversity.”

Chatsworth lives on Utopia Lane inside 4S Ranch’s exclusive Cookie Cutter gated community, where in one week, her house has dropped in value by $300,000.

4S Ranch has a long history of being one of the safest communities in San Diego.  The area has been a sought-after place to raise a family and shelter kids from reality ever since the community was assembled in 2002, from a ‘build your own faux town kit’ ordered on Ebay.  Because of the influx of gang related activity, 4S Ranch is now ranked 43rd in safety, just behind National City.

4S Ranch Playground

A playground once reserved for community children is now a gathering point for gang members

Mayor of 4S Ranch Joeseph Snook said, “Speaking as someone that’s been here in 4S Ranch from the beginning, rolling the synthetic grass on lawns, helping paint the stone patterns on the styrofoam walls, and plugging in the hologram fountains…I must say that I’m really concerned by the uprising of street gangs.”

Residents are advised to steer clear of anyone flashing the 4S gang sign.

Residents are advised to steer clear of anyone flashing the 4S gang sign.

The 4S Commons Town Center used to be the kind of place where families came together, lingered over breakfast, or gathered for a team lunch after the game.  The area is now a cesspool of iniquity, and a breeding ground for gang members.  That’s right, they are literally breeding behind the Pei Wei Restaurant…it’s quite disturbing.

How the gangs were able infiltrate 4S Ranch remains uncertain, though one 4S Ranch real estate broker has a theory.

“I noticed many 4S Ranch residents avoided paying their Mello-Roos tax in December.  Most people are unaware that Mello-Roos keep gangs out of new communities,” said Carl Johnson, a chief broker at 4S Ranch’s Homes For Suckers Real Estate office.

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