San Diego Featured On New Food Network TV Show

by staff on January 24, 2009


If any of you were up at 2:00am last night watching the Food Network, you should have noticed that San Diego was the featured city on a new show titled “$0 a Day.”  The program is similar to the once popular “$40 a day” starring Rachael Ray, except this show, which is hosted by James Lipton, tours a specific city in search of free food.

I read online that the Food Network is trying to reach out to people going through tough economic times, which is why they created a show that uses a more realistic budget of $0 for a day’s worth of food.  It’s a genius concept, and I’m surprised it took so long for a show like this to air.  Here’s a summary of last night’s episode (warning: spoiler alert).


The show began at Panera Bread in Carmel Mountain Ranch.  James Lipton went straight for the basket containing free samples of bread.   He took the basket, along with various free condiments, (including honey, butter, and cream) to a table, and proceeded to eat as much free bread as possible before the employees kicked him out.

James Lipton eating free samples at Panera Bread


For lunch, the crew ventured over to Mira Mesa’s famous “Yogurt Row,” which is a block consisting of 18 yogurt shops in a row. James Lipton went to each one and kept asking for samples until the clerks caught on.  He ended up eating a total of 216 free samples.



The crew headed to La Jolla Shores for dinner.  I personally thought this portion of the show was pretty graphic and disturbing.


The total  cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, came to $0, just as the show promised.  This program makes me feel like a sucker for actually paying for food.  I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

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Paige March 19, 2009 at 6:50 pm

It’s too bad that serving seal in La Jolla is probably illegal. They’d make a killing. Haha… ha… yah 😛

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