Survey Says Women Can’t Resist Men Who Write Online News Articles

by staff on September 22, 2009

Cosmo Cover

The September Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine featured the results of their annual survey of the top 10 sexiest jobs a man can have, and this year the number one spot went to online news writer.

Over 200,000 Cosmopolitan readers participated in the survey, and an overwhelming 85% of participants chose online news writer as the sexiest job.

Online news writer beat out several professions which held the top spot in previous years, such as musician, doctor, actor, and professional athlete.  The survey results provide undisputed evidence that women love men who write online news articles, despite what other people say.

One Cosmopolitan editor, 25-year-old Whitney Stevens explained, “The survey proves that being an online news writer is the single best thing a man can do with his life to attract females.”

Stevens said that she wasn’t surprised with the results of the survey because she herself is extremely attracted to men who write online news articles.

“Sometimes I get so turned on when reading an online news article, I click the contact button on the banner of the website and send the author my phone number and a link to my Facebook page, as well as links to Facebook pages of several of my cute friends,” said Stevens.  “All of my hot female friends feel the same way,” she added.  “In fact, we ridicule other attractive women who aren’t currently dating an online news writer.”

Stevens went on to say that women should not be put off by an online news writer simply because he is 28 years old and still lives with his parents.

“It’s perfectly normal for an online news writer to live with his parents well into his 30s,” said Stevens.  “I think it’s sexy,” she added.

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